The services we offer will also be practiced in family and friendships. Counseling is one of our best treatments that we can offer to treat.
We have group ideology in every aspect of the treatment. Our team and our clinical teamwork hand to handle all your needs.
Let’s finish the level so that our clients can rate themselves or review their decision-making process.

First: Pre-Contemplation

People in this period will know the costs of their addiction. However, they do not see much in comparison with the benefits. Of course, others may look at this situation in a different way. The traits of this stage are inadequate, and no plans or plans to change. We can describe this person as unknown.

Second: Predictability

People on the stage of meditation know the issues related to their behavior. However, they are ambivalent if it is useful or not. The characteristics of this stage are: explore the potential for change; Finding a change but lacking confidence and commitment to change behavior; and have the desire to change some of the uncertain future times. We can illustrate this person who knows and is open to change.

Third: Preparation

At this stage, people accepted the responsibility to change their behavior. The characteristics of this stage include: developing a plan to make necessary changes to build trust and reassurance; and has a desire to change within a month. We can illustrate this person as willing to change and anticipate the benefits of change.

Forth: Action

At this stage, people participate in efforts to change the behavior of themselves while gaining new ideas and developing new skills. Although self-reliance efforts, it helps to help. It may include rehab or therapy. The characteristics of this stage include a fresh selection of new habits; learn to overcome the tendencies to unwanted behavior and act on actions that are not six months old. We can illustrate this person as enthusiastically accepting change and gaining strength.

Fifth: Maintenance

People in the period of maintenance are superior to the ability to maintain new behavior with little effort they can be strengthened with new patterns of behavior and self-control. The characteristics of this stage include: staying alert to hazardous situations; maintaining a focus on controlling the return; and conduct the nature of the remaining six months. We can illustrate this person as struggling and unifying their efforts to change. They are in harmony with their life.

Sixth: Finishing

During the conclusion of the day, people adopt a new self-reflection according to the desired character and style of life. They did not respond to the temptation of any situation. The characteristics of this stage include confidence; rejoicing in self-control; and appreciation for a more healthy and happier life. The plan to avoid conversion changes to a meaningful and healthy lifestyle. Because of this, the return of the old way of life is almost impossible to imagine.